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Building strong dads

Coaching for Dads...who have a little extra cushion around the gut, who don't have time for 7-day workout programs, who like to eat BBQ and have a drink once in a while. Coaching for guys like me and you.

There are approximately 5 million different workout plans, diets, and personal trainers out there that...just aren't for guys like us. The thing about personal trainers is that IT'S THEIR JOB to be in shape, so naturally they have all the time in the world to be shredded. 

But, what if you only have time to workout 2-3 times a week, have to eat food that your kids like too, and work a full-time job? Then, you're in the right place.

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Maybe you're like me...

...a guy just trying to look buff in a taco suit while wrangling your toddler and trying to take a good family photo with your wife.

Approaching 40, with a wife and a toddler, two dogs, a 9-5 for a large tech firm, and a history of high blood pressure in my family, I decided to prioritize health. To stay away from heart disease, to stay on this earth longer for my family, to have the strength to be a protector, and to look better in a swimsuit at the community pool.

A Certified Nutrition Coach now, my goal is to help guys like me that feel like they're swimming upstream. Guys that need help cutting through all the conflicting information on the internet. Guys that need help building the blueprint to health and fitness, with a focus on fitting it into their crazy lives...not rearranging their lives around fitness.

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Free Consultation

Sick of trying to figure it out on your own? Need some accountability and a plan that is geared to you, not some cookie-cutter program that you can download online? 

See if nutrition coaching is right for you, with a free consultation where we will discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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